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Maverick Electric Installs Kohler Generators
Get a Kohler, Siemens, or Generac standby power solution installed by Maverick Electric, for your home or business today!

Living in the northeast, you’ve undoubtedly lost power at some time or another. This can happen frequently or for extended periods of time depending on the cause of the outage, and the resources available to restore your power.

Lightning, ice, high winds, heat waves and even extreme cold weather can be causes of power outages, as well as other accidents that may not be related to mother nature.

Having a portable or standby backup power system installed by a professional electrical contractor like Maverick Electric can be beneficial to your home or business, you do not have to be left in the dark. When selecting a generator backup system, it’s important to understand the differences between portable and standby generators, as well as manual and automatic transfer systems. Here are a few examples of the different generator power systems that can be installed by Maverick Electric.

Portable Generator with Manual Transfer

Honda Portable Generator

Honda Portable Generator

A portable generator is typically a smaller generator that produces less power, however they are generally easy to move around during power outages and can be stored in doors while not in use. These are common in smaller homes that do not have large power consumption requirements, run on unleaded gasoline, and are also the most cost effective. Portable generators require a manual transfer switch to change power from utility power to generator power during outages. Maverick Electric can supply all the equipment required for the manual transfer switch, including a power inlet that can be located outdoors. Portable generators are typically supplied by the customer.

Please read about having a Generator InterLock Kit installed by Maverick Electric.

Standby Generator with Manual Transfer Switch

Kohler Manual Standby Generator

Kohler Standby Generator

Standby generators are generally larger, pad mounted systems that can produce much more power then your typical portable generators. Standby generators usually run on natural gas or propane, which can be tied in to your existing home’s fuel systems, and can be started through an ignition system or automatically during an outage. The manual transfer switch is much less expensive then an automatic transfer switch, however it does require human interaction in order to change from utility power to generator power. These systems are typically installed in larger homes and small businesses that require larger power consumption, but do not have an immediate need for automatic transfer. Maverick Electric typically recommends Kohler standby generators and transfer switches due to their high quality and dependability. We can order these and have them shipped prior to installation for you!

Standby Generator with Automatic Transfer Switch

Kohler Automatic Standby Generator

Kohler Automatic Standby

Standby generators with automatic transfer switches give you the most flexibility with the ability to automatically start the standby generator and switch to generator power automatically during a power outage. This requires no human interaction and can occur even when you are not at home! This solution is generally the most expensive, however it does offer the most flexibility and reliability during storm outages. Maverick Electric always recommend Kohler generators and transfer switches for these types of installations. Although we can install any standby generator products, such as Siemens and Generac, we believe Kohler offers a higher quality product and more dependability.

There are many options when selecting a standby generator system, not just the three options listed above, so please feel free to give Maverick Electric a call and we will be more then happy to help you select a product and system that is right for you!

To get answers to your frequently asked questions about generators, be sure to download our FAQ.pdf

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